Joint Direct Attack Munition

Joint Direct Attack Munition
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A JDAM is a standard gravity bomb (i.e., a dumb bomb) that has been modified with a special kit to turn it into a guided weapon. The kit uses an INS/GPS system and some basic aerodynamic controls to accurately guide the bomb to its target. Unlike laser-guided bombs, JDAMs can be launched in all weather conditions, and are a "launch-and-leave weapon" - they are effectively autonomous as soon as they are released, and do not require any guidance from the aircraft or pilot to hit their target. This makes them an extremely flexible weapon, and a popular option for bombing missions.

It is important to note that a JDAM is not a separate weapon, but a modification of an existing bomb. Many of the common "dumb bombs" included in Falcon 4 also have a JDAM option. JDAM designations begin with GBU, and have a JDAM suffix.

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