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  • Please don't create multiple articles about the same subject. If we already have an article about the AIM-120, we don't need separate articles about the AIM-120A, AIM-120B, and AIM-120C - it is better to create subsections on the main AIM-120 page.
  • Please make sure you have something interesting and/or useful to put in the page before you create it. A paragraph or two of information is fine, but a two-word description of the topic doesn't help anyone, and clutters up the site.
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  • If you would like a new category added, please contact Dethmagnetic.
  • It is ok to create articles about third-party addons, cockpits, etc. so long as the articles are informational and not advertisements. Making negative articles about other people's work is strictly forbidden.

If your page matches these guidelines, please enter the name of the new page into the box below, and click "New Page". Remember that the page name you enter here should be something like "aircraft:b-52". When you edit the page, you can change the displayed title to something more informational, like "B-52 Stratofortress".

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