Voice Message System

The Voice Message System (VMS), also known as Bitchin' Betty, is the voice alert system you hear in the cockpit which informs you of important events and gives you warnings about dangerous conditions. The VMS can be inhibited with a switch on the right console, immediately behind the pilot's control stick. However, it is best to keep the VMS turned on, since it informs you of important information and dangerous conditions. The most common reason for deactivating it is the "altitude, altitude" alert, but this can be turned off using your ALOW settings.

VMS Inhibition Switch
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The VMS has several messages it plays, as listed below -

  • WARNING - a warning light on the aircraft's front panel has activated. You will also see WARNING superimposed on your HUD.
  • CAUTION - a caution light on the right console has activated. You will also see CAUTION superimposed on your HUD.
  • PULL UP - the aircraft will hit the ground within seconds, and immediate action is required to save the airplane. An X symbol will be superimposed on the HUD.
  • ALTITUDE - the aircraft is below the ALOW altitude with the landing gear in the up position. Note that the ALOW altitude is configurable using the DED. It is initially set to 300 feet.
  • BINGO - the aircraft's fuel quantity has dropped below a pre-programmed level (usually 750 pounds). You will want to find somewhere to land immediately.
  • LOCK - the FCR has locked onto a target.
  • CHAFF FLARE - countermeasures have been launched. Note that "CHAFF FLARE" is always played regardless of whether you launched chaff, flares, or a combination of both.
  • CHAFF FLARE LOW - your countermeasures are running low.
  • CHAFF FLARE OUT - your chaff or flares have run out.

In addition to these messages, there is a low speed warning tone when your airspeed and angle of attack are putting you at risk of a stall. It also sounds if your AoA is greater than 15 degrees during takeoff or landing. This message is not inhibited by the VMS switch, it must be cancelled by pressing the horn silencer button next to the landing gear control (alt-G).

Message Prioritization

Messages are prioritized according to the following scheme. Lower priority messages will be truncated by higher priority messages.

  1. PULL UP
  4. BINGO
  6. LOCK
  7. Low speed warning tone
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