Data Entry Display

Data Entry Display
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The Data Entry Display (DED) is a small LCD panel located on the top right side of the instrument panel. It is used to enter flight-related data, and to control miscellaneous systems which do not have controls anywhere else in the cockpit. It is also used to display system information. The DED is primarily controlled by the ICP (Integrated Control Panel), the large keypad at the front of the cockpit directly underneath the HUD. The DED has a number of pages which are used

  • ICP DCS Switch. Four way switch. RTN: resets the panel ready for selecting another mode. SEQ: cycles through sub pages of the DED. UP and DOWN: Cycles through editable options on the DED.
  • ICP Number pad The keys have a mode and a number. They are used both for selection of the primary mode, or subpages of the DED, or may be used for direct data entry when changing data on the mode pages of the DED.
  • ICP UP and Down arrows Allows cycling through the options on the DED. (Note there are 2 sets, only one set is active)
  • ICP RCL button Allows the user to cancel data input.
  • ICP Ent button Allows the user to confirm data entry.
  • ICP LIST button Provides access to a range of additional DED pages , which are displayed on the DED along with the option number. These pages are accessed by pressing the appropriate number on the ICP keypad.
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